Positive Personal Development

Volunteering Opportunities


ME1 is looking for volunteers. Here are some of the tasks and roles we’re looking to fill.

List of Administrative Task/roles

Admin – Clerical
  • Filing – organise folders.
  • Photocopying, printing
  • Do certificates/blogs/log of activity monthly
  • Collate folders for and group workshops
  • Create volunteers induction packs
  • Do Typing letters, documents, and reports
  • Meeting agenda – and write minutes.
Data Entry
  • Update excel database. (contact information, volunteer mentoring)
  • Update spreadsheets
  • Create and edit power point slides
  • Meet and greets visitors
  • Completes forms filling
Finance role book-keeping
  • Do invoices/raised/payment.
  • Manage daily patty cash entries manual photocopy receipts.
Finance accounting
  • Do monthly accounts.
  • Yearly accounts.
  • Balance sheets.
  • Invoices lodger/purchase/wages.
Workshop facilitator Volunteer
  • Support with group work sessions
  • Plan, prepare and co-ordinate session and folder materials
  • Complete monitoring, risk assessment and evaluation forms
Web Developer



Complete this form (MS Word document) and send it to us at:

Alternatively, you can find us through Volunteer Centre Manchester – on the Manchester Community Central website.


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