Positive Personal Development


Me1 PPD has been influenced with Inspiration and ideas from  the USA and  across North and South America societies, life coaching and Empowerment work has been taking place for a long time. However in England this concept is slowly becoming a phenomena, being implemented across all sectors.

My overall reason for implementing this prevention service meeting social needs and government legislation, alongside other services of this type as young people need to build on Motivation, and Leadership skills acquire Social and Life skills which will enable effective communication between individuals or groups, support informed decision making abilities.Develop teamwork and increase coping skills to overcome barriers and issues in life.

There is a positive outcome for the individual and the wider society. Individuals reflect on self and actions, gain respect, responsibility, identity, this will give youths a firm foundation for progression latter in life. Individuals without the relevant life skills and a positive outlook in life could put them at risk of becoming more disengaged and Communities more hostile, dangerous involving conflict and violence negative youth perceptions. It’s been evident that there is link between deprived neighborhoods young peoples aspirations, attainment or success. There is the need to encourage young people to take leadership in their life and communities as it takes a whole community to bring up a child’. This strengthens and builds people and communities. Having lived and grown up in some parts of Manchester’s urban, disadvantaged, gang related environment, I can relate to why some youths loose sight of building a positive future. Not all young people are exposed to positive role models from diverse walks of life encouraging others to setting and achieving goals and Full Potential.

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