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Testimonials – Service Buyers


Manchester Communication Academy

Our students at Manchester Communication Academy said that your workshop was fantastic, you have give them something new and a great experience, the students wanted you to stay with them extra, they loved you ❤

On behalf of Manchester Communication Academy and myself, thank you for coming to our school. It was beautiful.

Kemoy Walker (June 2017)

“Presentation of self love talk @Millennium Windrush Centre was fantastic, thought provoking and interactive. You really made people question the time they gave to themselves. On the feedback that I had of the day itself, a lot of people wrote that they enjoyed what you did and wished it was longer.”



“Lisa has provided coaching sessions to some of the women undertaking a training and coaching programme during 4th October – 20th December. Two courses were delivered by Dynamic Heights named “Women of Worth”. Lisa provided a professional service and was coordinated in her approach to working with the women. She was flexible in providing either hourly or two hourly sessions and offered a choice to the women. In total during the programme Lisa undertook 14 individual coaching sessions from Me1 Coaching. The women expressed that their sessions were, positive, useful and supportive to their needs and one women mentioned she may take up the service Lisa offers in the future. As a Trainer and coach of Dynamic Heights I have been pleased with the professionalism and commitment of Lisa and she has provided a good service to the programme.”

Dynamic Heights

Service contractors 2015

“The money matters element of the training was well received and the feedback from the girls was generally positive. Some of the girls were easily distracted due to personal circumstances, but Lisa was at hand to ensure that everyone received the support they required to attempt the various tasks that were set. I felt the overall programme was beneficial to the girls because it imparted life skills required too not just survive, but to thrive in the real world. “


Lisa, It was great to see you too and your talk was extremely useful for the students. A big thanks from us all! Just to double check, is it O.K. to distribute your contact details to the students for those who may wish to find out more about ME1 and potentially volunteer in the future? Kind regards.

John Manager -Whitemoss Youth and community Centre Blackey

Feedback from Observation of Money management workshop June 4th at Whitemoss Youth and community centre Blackley 2015 FOR a VOLUNTEER FACILITATOR

COMPLETING TRAINING. Facilitator: Lisa Samuel

“Lisa presented a money management workshop to teenagers at the Youth centre. Her preparation was good, she used a large board and asked a volunteer to write a summary of the key points of money management on the board. Lisa‘s work with volunteers helps to empower and motivate other young people into volunteering. She engaged well with the youths, using appropriate communication skills. Her delivery was dynamic and friendly. She worked well with their behaviour by setting boundaries and asking the group to listen to whoever was talking. She managed to motivate them by her enthusiasm and communication skills. She encouraged interaction by providing a visual task which demonstrated the difference between a resource that was needed and one that was wanted. She encouraged group discussion and the quieter members contributed also. ”To summarise, Lisa is an effective facilitator who is able to engage the ‘hard to reach’ youths. I believe that Lisa would benefit other third sector organizations that require youth engagement and the delivery of Life Skills.

Julia Bellis Teacher ( QTS adults and primary) From The Training Brokers Ltd

Lisa’s delivery is very focused and concise with sessions designed to encourage young people to think and respond quite quickly giving answers about their own thoughts and experiences which makes them feel that what they have to say is important. Lisa knows that it is sometimes difficult to engage young people in a group work setting when there is a lot of activity going on around them and has tailored her workshops to this, getting the young people to think about a topic (in this case it was self -esteem) without becoming distracted.

Hideaway Worker, 2015

Youth Zone 2014

“A massive thank you to Lisa Samuel, from ME1 PPD Ltd for coming into, The Factory Youth Zone to inspire my boys group about setting up their own business like she did, she touched base on entrepreneurial skills and business and how young people shouldn’t give up whatever they choose to do in life”. Lisa really inspired them then touch down at the end and said safe! nice one!

Kemoy Walker Youth Leader @Factory


Lisa is very good at communicating her passion for community work building on improved self- esteem and confidence. She is particularly likeable because she is straight forward and has clear vision. Lisa knows a lot about work with young people and communities and is currently working with local organisations to develop new services with our organisation. Lisa is very good at centring information, she is particularly likeable because she is passionate about her work, determined to make a difference. Lisa knows lots about youth and community life.

(BME Roundtable Professional Jan 2014)

Lisa has delivered motivation and entrepreneurial talks to different undergraduate students. Lisa regularly takes part in our interviewing process for new students, both as part of the informal discussion where she contributes from her experience as a student and as a graduate and self-employed person, and in the formal interview process where she interviews candidates and grades them, contributing to the decision as to whether or not we offer them a place on the course. She has most recently done this in January and February this year.

Lisa is always keen to share her experiences with new and graduating students and this year is contributing to our first Employability and Careers event for graduating students being held on May 9th this year 2014.

Lisa is also involved in some research with our department head on the Most Significant Change Project.

Lisa is always enthusiastic in her work with us and very reliable in meeting her commitments. Her contributions to our department are highly valued by us and I welcome the opportunity to record this for her.

Karen McCarthy (Senior lecturer and Placement Co-ordinator MMU)

MMU-Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Lisa Samuel of ME1 participated in the following Manchester Metropolitan University events and courses, supporting students to think about their enterprise and employability skills:Employability Day -for the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education event presentations and discussions about the support available for students to think about their future careers and self-employment opportunities. Lisa shared her experiences of starting a business and using the services in MMU – Innospace business incubation space and support and the Careers Department. She also shared her experiences of working with other organisations and gave tips about what employers are looking for from recent graduates

Louise Kenworthy Innospace Manager Date: Friday 9th May 2014

Dragon’s Den Judge Business School students in their third year have the chance to take the Young Enterprise module where they start a business in small groups. Throughout the module there are skills based development workshops, mentoring opportunities, guest talks and the opportunity to pitch their ideas to entrepreneurs. Lisa supported the students by helping them prepare for their Dragon’s Den presentations. She asked questions and offered tips and advice on improving the content of their presentations.

Date: March 2014

Entrepreneur Talk for Enterprise Academy

Enterprise Academy is a 5 week talk delivered by MMU’s Centre for Enterprise, the course was open to students and graduates looking to improve their enterprising talents and employability skills. Five key entrepreneurial tools based around the iPlan model were developed – innovation, pitching, leadership, action and negotiation. Lisa shared her entrepreneurial journey with the participants, discussing how and why she decided to start her own business, key achievements and any difficulties she faced when starting out.

Date: Wednesday 5th February

Lisa presented workshops on self -esteem and confidence to year 8 pupils involving 6 groups of mixed ability girls containing about 30 pupils in each totalling 180. These were well received and girls conscientiously engaged with the practical activities. October 2013. The Motivation and setting goals workshops were presented to year 9 groups same size groups in total 180 in December 2013, with some emphasis on SRE and related issues.’’

Lucy Hickery Levenshulme High School for Girls Focus day Involvement 2013