Positive Personal Development

Testimonials – Coachee Participant /Clients

Before I started with Lisa” i was unmotivated , lost but had ideas to grow existing business. During sessions I developed self motivation and increased time for self ‘me1time’ on completion of coaching support I feel motivated , determined, focused, I know I have the ability to achieve dreams and goals”. I would reccommend Me1ppd service to others.” TASHA

Business Start-up Workshop

I absolutely loved the course! Really helped my moral for work at the moment! Even helped me with my own confidence. Thank you!

Olivia Duncan (June 2017)


Women of Worth Coaching

It was great to meet you, thank you so much for the session. It was invaluable! I also really liked how in-depth the session was. It helped me think broadly in terms of how a goal was broken down. Very Beneficial.

Frozia (November 2016)

I felt the coaching sessions was useful, and it met the expectations and coaching aims. I would use again in the future.

Anesha (November 2016)

The sessions helped equip me with practical skills and the right mindset to achieve my goals.

Juliet (November 2016)

Great, got more clarity and motivation to pursue where I’m going.

Beatrice (November 2016)

Helpful, and I got a lot of information I didn’t have or know. I’m motivated to do more and go on.

Yasmin (November 2016)

It was truly awesome meeting. You got me to put the meat on the bones regarding my plans in the space of two hours. Praise Jesus I did more work on myself today in a long while, and I like the new me that is emerging. Thank you sooo much because I can begin to grow into my journey. Kind Regards.

1 – 1 Coaching, Jeanerica (December 2016)

Coaching session were useful, they made me look at why I’m not doing stuff if I want to move forward. I really enjoyed it, it felt real as I didn’t think I would get as much out of it as I did. It gives me focus on my goals, and gives me that motivation and empowerment to know I can do it.

JM (December 2016)

The sessions met my expectations, as I wanted to leave with something to think about and work towards. The sessions was very helpful. You made my day.

KD (December 2016)

Feedback felt massively at ease and informed. Me1 has helped me pinpoint the areas to develop, and has given me the tools and strategies to work!

Victoria, Massage Therapist (December 2016)


Thank you for giving me the chance to achieve and believe, xoxo.

Ryan, Male Workshop Volunteer (October 2016)

Women In Business Workshop

Very informative and inspirational, I look forward to the next event.

Natasha, Early Years Nursery Manager (August 2016)

Thanks for such a great informative workshop, while being around like mind people. Look forward to more.

Kamilah (August 2016)

You have such great positive energy.

Coran (August 2016)

Very well delivered.

Natasha (August 2016)

Coaching Session

Thanks for everything Lisa.
Your amazing in more ways than one xx.

Female, 35 1-1 6 Week Coaching Session


I was unhappy and stressed before the sessions during the sessions I was learning and me1 has helped me feel positive, understand myself more with Lisa’s support when I finished sessions I was feeling great’

Male, 32 Scale Rating Development 6 to a 10.

2014 1-1 Life coaching sessions

I was confused about my future & career when started felt de-motivated, during sessions I listened and communicate with the life coach Lisa. Me1 has helped me with guidance, motivation, inspiration, made me aware of my real goals. I have a sense of direction, more focused motivated and I feel good about myself.

Male, 21 Scale Rate Score of 2 at start, 8 at the end of coaching.

I was unsure of what to expect at the start of session during the session I was open minded an took not of the feedback I was receiving. Me1 sessions has helped me actually think about my goals, assessed if there achievable. Me1 sessions has helped increase my self -esteem and more aware of the importance of being organised and I’m able to plan my goals in life.

Female, 19 scale score of 5 at start, 10 at the end of coaching.


My parents was from a non-english background, and English being their second language. In year 8 I faced issues with school work, and my anger. I attended an education project, this replaced formal schooling. I was a quite person when mixing with people and talking in class. We did confidence building exercises both 1-1 and in a group, as well as games, outdoor activities e.g. going on a day out. I have gained a lot working with Lisa and feel I have built my confidence and I am able to express myself. Continual support from different services helps to develop and build on skills and knowledge to get qualifications and a job.

Female, age 17

Experiencing difficulties at secondary school and at home, this resulted in school exclusion in year 9. For the time I worked with Lisa, she was a kind person, hard working and I feel if ever I needed her I can turn to Lisa and it’s been a pleasure working with her. The relationship was not close at first but this grew as I did. Now in 2012 continuing to complete G.C.S.E and go college.

Female, age 16

I took part in a 6 week workshop with Lisa in 2012 my confidence was a bit was low, I had low motivation levels it took a lot of effort to do things. Since getting support from Lisa Im now more organized, focused, and my confidence has increased. I am getting good grades at school, I’m the ‘female youth group team leader’ for ME1 PPD Ltd youth forum group. I was involved in recruiting another 16 members too. Now, 16 years old I’m focusing on completing my G.C.S.E’s as I want to study too become a midwife.

Female, age 16

Working with Lisa at Cooluk project in 2007-2009 was fun, she is a lovely person to work with.

Lisa helped me with a lot of exercises for example maths, English, and also helped me build my confidence. I was a quite person when integrating with people and talking in class. We did confidence building exercises both 1-1 and in a group, as well as games, outdoor activities e.g. going on a day out. I have gained a lot working with Lisa and feel I have built my confidence and I am able to express myself.

The time I worked with Lisa she has been a kind person, hardworking and I feel if I ever need her I can turn to Lisa and it’s been a pleasure to work with her.

Female, age 17(January 2012)

I think Lisa is one of those people that is needed in every city in the UK, she has shown she cares a lot for the young people in the community despite most adults that have given up on them, we need world leaders that can support and nurture our young people and Lisa is one within our community, young people will reach far if we have enough Lisa’s in the world.

Male, age 21 (January 2012)

Me working with Lisa has been great.! I worked with Lisa for nearly a year, during this time, she helped me fee l confident and comfortable around people. Lisa gave me lots of support when it came down to doing my work. When I was going threw a ruff patch Lisa gave me great advice about life.

Female, age 17 (January 2012)

2012 ME1 Pilot Program

Reasons Why ME1 is Useful

“It felt good to release what was on my mind….”

“Because I get to think….”

“Absolutely useful….”

“Its helped me think about things I don’t give myself time to think about, and I am now more aware of what I want to achieve, useful.”

Describe one word how you felt after first session



“Helpful, great skills as an adult”

Overall Comments

“It helps young people grow into adults and cause now I know what I need to achieve”

“I am more ambitious + know what & how to achieve goals.”

“Yes its really good + has helped me to try & become more organised.”

“It’s very useful & you get valuable advice.”

“Help me set and prioritise my goal”

“Lisa is an effective facilitator who is able to engage the ‘hard to reach’ youths. I believe that Lisa would benefit other third sector organizations that require youth engagement and the delivery of Life Skills”