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Business Planning and Outreach – July Log

Me1 has been expanding as a business, such activities includes strategic and business planning, and empowering others on personal development. This expansion is supported through vocalising Me1’s business on radio broadcasting, specifically Diamond FM. Me1 has also been developing as a team by taking on new volunteers, and as a business, developed new material to promote their services. Examples of this is our August workshop, Women in Business. By doing such, Me1’s position in supporting women and business has been a top priority. Through research and understanding of the topic, Me1 is confidently hosting the workshop, explaining the needs and goals to grow a successful business.

Lisa has also attended a training course, regarding mental health and in helping those who are disadvantaged, and encouraging those to take control of their own lives. Me1’s priority in supporting and helping others has been a constant theme. Examples like promoting and understanding in what we believe in, as we know that there is a need to manage, maintain and develop yourself, in order for growth.

Other thing we took interest in this month is an event regarding women, black women specifically, which highlighted the needs for this specificity. PAC 45 Foundation.

For more information on them, check out their website, or their twitter handle @pac_45

Here are our Me1 workshop and life coaching flyer.


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Eat healthy – live healthy

Healthy minds – healthy bodies

Eating healthy while achieving your dreams, and being on a constant mission is very difficult, I know, I can relate. During my first year of developing my business I was fasting (not by pure choice) at least twice a week, Mon-Fri. Why?

  1. Too busy to stop doing my tasks and eat.
  2. Was broke a lot of the time, still no choice.

My body quickly learnt that it could go on for long hours, without eating during the day. This I may say is not a new diet regime, but the reality in running a business and the impact it can have on your health, well-being and lifestyle is critical. My family/close friends were always on the phone or knocking on my door at home. “Have you eaten yet its lunch time?” Or “do you need to move from your computer and get yourself something to eat?” The best was “here is some lunch or come get some lunch I’ve made something for you” (my mum). Oh I love her. The message here I share is food and what type of foods we eat have an impact on our body, mind, and emotional well-being. There was a quote from a book, ‘Think and Grow Rich for Women’, (great book by the way if you’re into turning your mind to re-think in a positive way instead of a negative way, and to achieve your dreams).

The quote in discussion was -> American actress, Drew Barrymore, “I personally battled with my own body image for years, I used to tell myself you can’t wear anything sleeveless or strapless. All of a sudden I was like, what if I don’t send negative messages to my brain, and say wear it and enjoy it”. Pg. 243-244, and it is, it is about keeping that positivity in order to change our way of thinking, and in turn, what is right or wrong to eat becomes instinctual.

The Impact of what you eat – becomes the famous saying “you are what you eat”. This is so true. How you see your body and your brain is very vital to how you treat it. Think of the best, expensive sports-dream car, look at the quality of the body work, the pristine engine that is so swift and fast, but smooth, sharp and neat in its drive. The image of your body should be this, as you should adore the image of your own body. Taking care to keep it shining, strong and well looked after. Then, what type of oil/petrol. This must be quality, right, and so should the food you eat.

Another point is, good health is linked to how someone feels, relates and impacts on ones looks and personality, and having that knowledge tends to inspire you by you. Like a ‘sixth sense’ – “Hunches, gut feelings, flashes of knowing taps on the shoulders or inspirations are most likely your sixth sense” as Hill quotes the “door to the temple of wisdom” in Sharon Lechter’s  ‘Think and Grow Rich for Women’. Pg. 246.

Growing up I was always told to eat healthy and do activities. My mum would give me regular dose of:

  • Vitamins
  • Water (no fizzy)

All food, snacks and drinks were homemade lacking extra sugar, additives, preservatives, etc.

As I’ve grown older I too keep on the regime with myself and my daughter. Eating well is not just a fashion statement, it is a more of a mind-set. To have that responsibility and conscious effort to be alert, and considerate about what we eat.

Healthy mind, healthy bodies is important to a longer, healthier, and active body and mind. Healthy minds support a confident person and a fit body. The opposite, not looking after your well-being can lead to a negative mental health. This is why it is crucial to be positive and motivated to look after you.

For more, and to keep the conversation going, check out these healthy lifestyle suggestions.

(Napolean Hill suggestion)

  • Benefits energy/brain foods
  • Different health super foods
  • Products/fruits/nutritious link to web- external links

Health – well being

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Entrepreneur Support, Entrepreneur Journey -ME1 PPD Director Journey

The beginning of my journey required first of all

  • Guts
  • Open, positive mind
  • Idea: to solve a problem/support a need

Once I discovered I had all 3 of the above, I knew I could build on the rest. What I did next was decide to leave my job as a youth inclusion woman at YIT, Youth Inclusion Team, in Bolton. My main responsibility was to get training to run a business.

The actual characteristics of someone being successful in business are

  • Positive mindset
  • Flexible approach
  • Self-motivated
  • Have self-belief in abilities and ideas
  • Don’t mind working on own/ doing many roles by self until business is established
  • Disciplined
  • Good communication skills
  • Developing own material from ground up

My ideology/idea is that there is a need to increase personal development for levels individuals facing difficult lives. I can motivate and inspire individuals to reduce negative thinking and behaviours that impact their lives, also reaching their full potential. I believe as a foundation, motivation and self-empowerment are two main components if you believe in yourself – and are motivated to make a positive change, then the world is your “oyster”, as they say.

ME1 brand is bright, colourful message of personal development in a positive way. My advice for start-up businesses would be the importance of branding. Your brand and the message you send out is very key to people – e.g. McDonald’s, Nike, Lorrell we all know their company message. Choosing colours, logo and slogan to match brand. This needs careful considerations.

  • Be creative and think outside the box
  • Decide what your aim/mission is

Steps to Building business to …Where I am Now

  • Weighing up my responsibility as Young mum and managing work life and child home life
  • Deciding if business is for me!
  • What skills I have for business
  • The gaps I need to fulfil in business – specialized knowledge
  • Who are my clients
  • What is the message I want my business to have/give
  • Need to be persistent
  • Be clear, consistent, focused, learn and have a team of various skills support ( a master mentor mind team )
  • self-belief

These are some overall skills I have learned – which I have used to equip people with the correct mindset and skills to be successful in business

My entrepreneurial journey has been supporting others on their entrepreneur path through delivery of talks, presentations to students and young people aged 18+ at MMU and Salford University. Outlined below is some key areas where I delivered practice/offered support

  1. MMU: Employability Day -for the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education event
  2. Enterprise Day (discussed my journey in business and advantages and disadvantages)
  3. Dragons Den (sit on panel and give business advice on individual ideas/product) and next steps required
  4. Employability and Career Support

Salford University: Parallel roads project support group of males on fund-raising ideas and sustainability for business in 2015

Also, ME1 sponsored the Abs Ltd, Business Consulting Company Home business workshop in 2015, for new start-ups.

Books – to empower women and have a positive mindsets “Think and Grow Rich for Women” by Sharon Letcher

Activities – Apr

  • Strategically Planning
    • Update business plan
    • Developing a presentation of ME1 PPD ltd yearly KPI’s, targets/goals
  • Radio interview at allFM ( annie-chisambo- 18-april- 2016/)
  • Conducting research – women – entrepreneurial support
  • Training workshop facilitators (to become coaching women)
  • Joint collaborative meetings with dynamic heights – BmeRT – round table group supporting provisions for ex-offenders and offenders of BME backgrounds–
  • Black women in business support group- Esu hill has established running once a month
  • ME1 engaging with 3 new clients

Support Groups and programs for People in community

  • Jenny at One Manchester The part of 12 week course social innovation
  • Dijonn Taylor – business women, entrepreneur at Savvy Guest – Delivered a Talk about her 12 years in business to young women becoming entrepreneurs – ESU Hill at the network for Black women
  • Support of government funding and support of networking, collaborations – shared knowledge skills is helpful if out to help others.

There are programs and coaching for entrepreneurs small and medium business start-ups. See website