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Females, Women & Achievement – February Blog


Hi to all readers I am a life coach I run a coaching business called ME1 Positive Personal Development Ltd for the last 5 years. I offer 121 programs and group coaching workshops to raise awareness, motivate, empower individuals aged 13-25 to reduce negative attitudes, behaviours impacting on progress and success and increase positive mental attitudes and provide skills for to reach full potential.
I have an interest in motivating and building self-belief and this is why I write this article myself. As a life coach I have seen a lot of low self-esteem in young girls and in women. This relates to their sense of fear, as well as their confidence. My recent training and research shows it has huge impacts on ability development. As a women, mum, and women in business, I help raise female aspirations within the Manchester and Greater Manchester Area. My experience for over 13 years is supporting young people, male and females especially from disadvantaged or vulnerable backgrounds, and in turn increase life skills and lifelong learning. My inspiration was from the US, as many women and families are used to the idea of investing in a ‘team’ in order to help better manage life and progress in their lives. e.g. (coach, nutritionist, nanny, shrink aka counsellor, therapist of some sort). There is no shame to the number of people in your ‘team’ but more likely than not, the MORE the better to ones success, however the UK’s mind-set is still new to the idea as a British culture we are less open to issues or problems being shared and therefore ‘struggle’ to get ahead, or even pretend as if all is Good.

My recent work has involved empowering females to find their purpose and passion build aspirations and positive mind-sets through a variety of coaching workshops and programs. Mostly aimed at women or mumpreuners (25-55 ) embarking in business. Identifying talents and suitable career and self-development building in relation to entrepreneur pathways, alongside identifying key barriers to success in business or personal lives impacting on success. ME1 Positive Personal development Ltd coaching provides skills, strategies to overcome challenges and encourages individuals to develop a critical open mind to problem solving and solution focus.

With the current times in society a lot of women are seeking new ventures and self-searching to discover how best to utilise time and skills. My aim is to help others, especially women to grow, develop and achieve their dreams. To reduce self-doubt and fear which hinders each ones attainment.

ME1 PPD company has inspired and given many volunteers who offer support to ME1 and build personal experience. To date I am proud to of offered over 100 volunteers opportunities who are from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds (majority women). Being a young mum and now a women in business I have noticed and can relate to the impact women face in the employment world, alongside the difficulties faced with absence out of work child rearing delay in chosen careers, and also challenges influencing progress. This I why I ‘Champion Women Empowerment’

The question for me is as a life coach I deal a lot with clients who have experienced this low self-esteem in young girls and in and women. Relating this back to fear as well as confidence, and again, recent training and research shows it has huge impacts on ability and development. I am in awe when I hear the inspiration and heart felt stories of women who still in the year of 2017 face gender inequalities.

How does self-empowerment skills help you in life?
How can you developed your self- empowerment levels?
How are girls dis-empowered in today’s society? Why do we feel the need to judge others for doing what they love/ like?
What would help build your confidence? How can teachers? Friends….? Carer /parent help build your confidence?

These are the question I ask, and answer.

Richard Branson article ‘Why we need to support more women’

‘keep up the great work your doing ladies! Power to women 😀Stay fearless and confident keep #believingandachieving’ in you your abilities and your dreams!

For info on programs or tools to develop you check out LISA SAMUEL BA HONS

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Women, You’re Great! – January Blog

If like me you agree: you, (us) females are the greatest then I would consider you to continue reading and come on a journey with me!

As a SME business owner of a life coaching company for 5 years this year, I can share the pain some of you may have faced. Let’s not mention the constant challenges and managing of,

  • Work.
  • Home.
  • Family.
  • Social life.

As a mum and a business women, I can really empathise with the daily struggles.

Do you find,

  • Time is always a problem.
  • Money is not enough (Sales Low).
  • Selling yourself short (Pricing Low).

Sometimes in business we want to win customers over and keep regular income and sales. When really, all that means is that you’re chasing clients, tiring yourself and losing out/burn-out.

I’m sure you enjoy what you do, but surely you’d want a solution to be paid better for what you do?

  • Leverage time, resources.
  • Increase self-worth levels.
  • Expand products/services to online.

I’m here to serve you and help turn ‘Pain to Gain’ and get better results. As a life coach, I have helped many clients overcome their challenges and obstacles, which impact on their progress and/or success.

I provide strategies and realistic solutions to help you believe and achieve the results you want.

Providing you with a clear and achievable action plan to get you to have a ‘win – win’ outcome.

‘There’s no competition, just creation’.

As I stated earlier, you are great, and I want to encourage you to maintain your greatness.

Log on to, and our Tips Page for your free cheat sheet and time management tips, and 5 ways to build the life 4 you in business.



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Raise Skills & Confidence in Girls and Women – December Blog

The day has come no more counting days, it’s time to recharge my batteries and get some rest!

You agree this year has been a tough one! There’s been struggles in business trials and challenges, triumphs, and success along the way. I have learnt a lot of new skills, knowledge and gained new experiences. Met some wonderful inspirational and driven people. I look forward to the New Year to come, and new ideas to put into action.

Me1 celebrates 5 years in business on the 6th of Jan 2017, date of event to be allocated for AGM. #CollaborateWithLikeMindedBusinessPeople and start #2017WithABang if this is you please contact me to see how we can positively engage #PositiveMentalAttitude #PMA #DreamBig #StartSmall.

Also dates not to be missed, 26.01.17 our free Business Basics for Women from 10 to 12.30. Email me for more info.

INVESTING IN YOURSELF – LONG TERM BENEFITS 28.02.17. A 6 week program with Faith not Fear for Women in Business. £120 for new clients or £99 for returning clients.

ME1 is proud and passionate about helping others to believe and achieve and use talents skills to fulfil their purpose in life. I promote the need to invest in self-development and focus on internal fixes, mind, and self-esteem skills for life. This will then shine on the outside. E.g. if you take vitamins for a glowing skin, vitamins will inhibit your system, and you will see a change and so will others, and ask what did you use? Conversely, if you used highlight or bronzer to give a similar effect, although it may look the same, the affect would only be on face value. The result after taking off your make up, you see reality of your skin and this could impact your self-esteem or identity.

Check out this link for a top ten cheat sheet to build confidence.

If you feel you want to invest and develop yourself and build confidence, see our website for confidence program offer. With Christmas just gone, emotions and state of morale may be a bit low, you may need uplifting in some way! Boost confidence to face challenges to come in 2017.

The WOW programme in collaboration with Dynamic Heights has now completed and I have coached 15 121 women, supporting and guiding them with clear strategies and tools to put ideas into reality #BusinesssCoaching #Support #GoalSettingActionPlanning

See our website for links for photos and connect with others social media platforms.




Here I met with two females, Serena Johnson and Sophie Simpson from Huddersfield, @consciousyouth inspired by positive, mental attitude approach, and wanted to ask me questions. I felt excited! We had a great chat regarding their great backtoourroots project, tackling identity issues and raising empowerment levels. I look forward to our next engagement in 2017 #RaisingFemaleAspirations #WomenInBusiness #ShareSkillsandKnowledge #BusinessKnowledge #BuildRelationships.


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Power to Women – November Blog

Raising Female Aspirations! Power to the Women.

Me1, as a company is very passionate about helping others change their mind-sets from negatives to positive. We encourage each person to believe, achieve, and reach their full potential from males and females. However, over the last 2 years, I have seen a shift in my work and females are getting the spot light at the moment. This is great and has both good and bad implications. As a young mum at the age of 18, now 36, I very much understand the difficulties and challenges women with child caring roles bring, whilst developing and achieving in life. This dichotomy has been of interest lately to academics and professionals, the relation between the absence of work in the field, to the re-entering within the work field. This dictates the decision to change employment, or even change employment hours. Whatever the reason, a definite change or shift of focus in the mind alters in a practical sense once you become a mother. (As many working mothers may agree). My motivation to raise female aspirations, stem from my own personal experience. Recent studies undertook have too gave me an amazing insight on the need to teach ‘Girls’ confidence skills and raise their self-esteem. This increases their ability to achieve and be at par with male counter parts in the work force, as there is a clear gap at present from classroom to workplace.

I recently studied an online course, Girls Education with the Open University.
There was a great speech from a women named Helen Fraser, the CEO of the Girls’ Day School Trust from 2010 to 2016.

Comments from Helen Fraser in her speech stating a need to ‘developing girls’ confidence to bring about change’.

I really found this speech powerful as a life coach, and it amplified my passion about raising female aspirations. Similarly, I can relate to some of the comments the research and solutions discussed, as my experience and research has shown, that there is a huge gender skills gap. Links with girls and low confidence is true. The body image pressures and academic stresses, and not to mention peer pressure is a lot to contend with. So I do agree the need for more support, input of confidence, and life skills building, as being a vital importance to equip young females with from a very early stage in their life. Girls are too exposed to the ideals of what women should be. This portrayal is reinforced by the media, and in turn, society follows it.

We should be looking at places to inform and educate, as schools have a massive role and responsibility to contribute to the efforts, in helping to reduce the impacts faced by young females in their transition from dependence to independent adults.

Being a women, especially one who has a leadership mind and even an entrepreneur approach, can have you up against a lot of frowns from males, and stay at home mothers who may see the female as being too risky, maybe even ‘stepping out of place’. We have surely come a long way from women and gender specific roles and having a voice and a meaningful place in society. However, let’s not get too excited as their still is a huge gap with genders.

I empower women to follow their dreams and take the leap to a path that maybe unknown, but one full of passion and drive, whether that means in the home or out the home, for me it’s about living and having the chance to live your full purpose in life. This may mean even taking risks. Hence the reason I offer the workshops and coaching support for small, medium, or enterprise minded women to banish the self-doubt! ‘Power to the Women…’ My new year ‘4 week program ‘ Women Walk with Faith not Fear in Business’ is running Feb 28th march to 28th 2017 for more information contact me
Males are still ahead in employment pay terms working full time hours, women earn 18% less Source: ONS, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2015

Males are more likely to work full time hours for due reason, lower child care responsibilities. 42% of women are in part time work compared to 13% males. Research shows that 1 in 2 women have a degree compared to women in EU countries However, women in CEO roles are 4% compared to men of 7.1%. This means huge improvements are needed. Cited in Source:

Males are more likely to do over time, again, giving increased income. Males are still ahead in terms of position and pay in the employment market. This over time, with the increase of empowerment of women programs and increasing confidence and skill levels, has allowed women from the kitchen and the home, to the board room and global enterprise. In contrary to this critic’s comments, which says, for the gap of inequality to close it will take up to 60 years, however, on a positive note 53% of the millionaires will be women in the UK by 2020. 30/8/2016. A figure of 14.4 gender age gap in UK. OECD Data, “Gender Wage Gap Total, % of Male Median wage, 2013 – 2014Earnings and Wages (2015).Between 2008 and 2011 women accounted for an unprecedented 80% of the new self-employed. (Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013).

My recent adventures have involved working and supporting women in business or developing self and mental capacity. Empowering others and building confidence, identifying the gaps, barriers or issues stunting women’s success, and providing simple solutions to enable women to overcome challenges and be triumphant. For example, the use and promotion of social media for business.

For use of Digital Technology see link for Video, myself a guest speaker @WSSE network

As I too have experienced many difficulties. Whether it is from lack of marketing, knowing how to promote a business, lack of confidence in speaking on camera, to dealing with daily finance matters. Therefore, I can relate to anyone’s pain with the areas mentioned, however like many other successor before me, I quickly learnt to put aside my hang ups and dislikes, and ‘crack on’ the best I could. Then, while you’re getting ahead, you think ‘why did I take so long. Yes, you may squirm at your face or voice when in public, or see it viral but don’t let this be the barrier to you doing the task at hand, over time you get better.

People told me ‘people want to see the face behind the business /brand’, this is true. It helps potential clients get a feel for you, which builds trust from you and your brand. This is true!

Get selfie ready

I encourage you to learn your businesses ins’, and outs. Know the basics of the day to day aspects, up skill yourself despite the gender realities and inequities of the world. Get support, build skills for life and wellness in business. Support your day to day living, and equip yourself to running and managing business, especially if it’s just you, and not having a paid team. Stay focused and stay in your lane, you will be the success you want to see. Keep believing and achieving! Recent coaching with females with enterprise ideas on the 5 week WOW program

See ME1 website for group pictures

For any information to program or coaching support

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Training & Coaching – October Log

ME1 has begun helping women get started in business in a 6 week training program, exploring individual skills, talents, and desired careers.

We have been engaging and participating with group workshops and 2 hrs 1-1 coaching sessions. This first course is beginning from October 4th to November 8th. This program is in collaboration with Dynamic Heights, so if you want to learn more, check out the links provided.

Dynamic Heights

ME1’s Facebook Page

Also, if you think you would benefit from a business start-up coaching, we would,

  • Help you plan
  • Gain the skills needed
  • Identify the steps in order to achieve your desired goals

Contact us for more information

“Face your fears with faith, and live a purposeful life.”

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Support – September Log

Lisa has held an annual holding event for the charity, Macmillan, in support of those either long term or in untreatable causes. In addition to this, attended and acted as a social peer researcher for the mental health perception event, held by 42nd Street and the Manchester City Council. This was a look at the stigmas of mental health within black males, as well as reasons, and how they are supporting themselves mentally, within Manchester.

ME1 has also attended the BMERT (Black and Minority Ethnic Groups Roundtable) and the Business Network Event by City South this month, to consort and recognise the community’s action and needs. By taking part in the conversation, the clarity in future necessities become clearer as ME1 continues to reinforce the positive outlook that we are representing.

We are also collaborating and meeting with Dynamic Heights, to provide coaching and a 1–1 4 week programme, to help self and career developments. This is an exciting new venture, as the collaboration and support is an important indication to provide the service we offer.

For more info on anything, check out the links provided, and for motivation and empowerment, check out our Tips and Coaching tools.

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Self Development – August Log

ME1 has been continuing with strategic planning with committee members and the ME1 team. Such includes meeting targets and aims, in order to market ME1’s brand. ME1 as a business, is also improving as we have been creating and updating our business, action, and goal plans. This is to help us utilise and gain more as a service, for ourselves and our customers.

In addition to continuing our 1-1 coaching and talent matching, we are also venturing in other social media platforms, in order to present our services on a broader scale. Through the medium of video. Such will include tips, and ways to improve and help motivate yourself. Which will be happening in the upcoming months.

Our free Women in Business event at the Virgin Lounge was also a success. With different women, whether they were in a business or just starting. They were informed on a multitude of information, regarding marketing and business. By understanding the importance of self-development and growth, their step towards success becomes a beneficiary to succeeding.

Here are some links to the women if you want to follow.

Continue to achieve and believe.

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Business Planning and Outreach – July Log

Me1 has been expanding as a business, such activities includes strategic and business planning, and empowering others on personal development. This expansion is supported through vocalising Me1’s business on radio broadcasting, specifically Diamond FM. Me1 has also been developing as a team by taking on new volunteers, and as a business, developed new material to promote their services. Examples of this is our August workshop, Women in Business. By doing such, Me1’s position in supporting women and business has been a top priority. Through research and understanding of the topic, Me1 is confidently hosting the workshop, explaining the needs and goals to grow a successful business.

Lisa has also attended a training course, regarding mental health and in helping those who are disadvantaged, and encouraging those to take control of their own lives. Me1’s priority in supporting and helping others has been a constant theme. Examples like promoting and understanding in what we believe in, as we know that there is a need to manage, maintain and develop yourself, in order for growth.

Other thing we took interest in this month is an event regarding women, black women specifically, which highlighted the needs for this specificity. PAC 45 Foundation.

For more information on them, check out their website, or their twitter handle @pac_45

Here are our Me1 workshop and life coaching flyer.


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Eat healthy – live healthy

Healthy minds – healthy bodies

Eating healthy while achieving your dreams, and being on a constant mission is very difficult, I know, I can relate. During my first year of developing my business I was fasting (not by pure choice) at least twice a week, Mon-Fri. Why?

  1. Too busy to stop doing my tasks and eat.
  2. Was broke a lot of the time, still no choice.

My body quickly learnt that it could go on for long hours, without eating during the day. This I may say is not a new diet regime, but the reality in running a business and the impact it can have on your health, well-being and lifestyle is critical. My family/close friends were always on the phone or knocking on my door at home. “Have you eaten yet its lunch time?” Or “do you need to move from your computer and get yourself something to eat?” The best was “here is some lunch or come get some lunch I’ve made something for you” (my mum). Oh I love her. The message here I share is food and what type of foods we eat have an impact on our body, mind, and emotional well-being. There was a quote from a book, ‘Think and Grow Rich for Women’, (great book by the way if you’re into turning your mind to re-think in a positive way instead of a negative way, and to achieve your dreams).

The quote in discussion was -> American actress, Drew Barrymore, “I personally battled with my own body image for years, I used to tell myself you can’t wear anything sleeveless or strapless. All of a sudden I was like, what if I don’t send negative messages to my brain, and say wear it and enjoy it”. Pg. 243-244, and it is, it is about keeping that positivity in order to change our way of thinking, and in turn, what is right or wrong to eat becomes instinctual.

The Impact of what you eat – becomes the famous saying “you are what you eat”. This is so true. How you see your body and your brain is very vital to how you treat it. Think of the best, expensive sports-dream car, look at the quality of the body work, the pristine engine that is so swift and fast, but smooth, sharp and neat in its drive. The image of your body should be this, as you should adore the image of your own body. Taking care to keep it shining, strong and well looked after. Then, what type of oil/petrol. This must be quality, right, and so should the food you eat.

Another point is, good health is linked to how someone feels, relates and impacts on ones looks and personality, and having that knowledge tends to inspire you by you. Like a ‘sixth sense’ – “Hunches, gut feelings, flashes of knowing taps on the shoulders or inspirations are most likely your sixth sense” as Hill quotes the “door to the temple of wisdom” in Sharon Lechter’s  ‘Think and Grow Rich for Women’. Pg. 246.

Growing up I was always told to eat healthy and do activities. My mum would give me regular dose of:

  • Vitamins
  • Water (no fizzy)

All food, snacks and drinks were homemade lacking extra sugar, additives, preservatives, etc.

As I’ve grown older I too keep on the regime with myself and my daughter. Eating well is not just a fashion statement, it is a more of a mind-set. To have that responsibility and conscious effort to be alert, and considerate about what we eat.

Healthy mind, healthy bodies is important to a longer, healthier, and active body and mind. Healthy minds support a confident person and a fit body. The opposite, not looking after your well-being can lead to a negative mental health. This is why it is crucial to be positive and motivated to look after you.

For more, and to keep the conversation going, check out these healthy lifestyle suggestions.

(Napolean Hill suggestion)

  • Benefits energy/brain foods
  • Different health super foods
  • Products/fruits/nutritious link to web- external links

Health – well being