Positive Personal Development

ME1 Services

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  • 10 weeks face to face 45 min sessions.
  • Providing assessment and evaluation, action plan and booklet. and/or 6 weeks Skype Sessions (mix if it suits you: extra fees apply – travel and accommodation *see price doc).

Group Workshop

  • (From £500)
  • 6/12 Week Program
  • Booklet & Action Plan, Goal Setting, 1 hour mentor session & providing solutions to challenges.


ME1 PPD Ltd Prides itself on providing motivation, empowerment and life skills support to vulnerable and disadvantaged young people from different backgrounds aged 11-25 years old. ‘We do this by educating and equipping Individuals with the knowledge and understanding tools to help them in their transition from adolescence to adulthood.

ME1 is able to create a quality service that is professional, effective and sustainable which works with trained, voluntary, motivated and positive staff, who can add to the individuals’ experimental personal development.

Our involvement with individuals involves raising aspirations, raising awareness culturally and socially to an underachieving and unrepresented social group. Providing skills for life to support their adult life. It values every person’s difference and uniqueness, despite status, race or ability.

Life Coaching – Supporting Young people and Adults

ME1 will deliver bespoke and tailored 1-to-1 sessions and group workshops based on offering life coaching and personal development, which caters for the individual’s learning style(s).

It is vital for young people to discover themselves, talents, and their environment, to give options to make informed choices, increase creativity, innovation, mental focus and build on strengths/ positives in order to enable self- help and growth.

Individual coaching

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1-to-1 sessions

  • Self motivation building
  • Self-esteem and well-being
  • Life skills
  • Employability skills
  • Confidence and problem solving skills

Target Group: 11-Adults

Session Duration: From 1 hour  – 3 hours


Group coaching

  • From awareness-raising to a variety of tailored workshops
  • Healthy lifestyles and positive body images
  • Independent Adult Living skills
  • Positive Parenting Strategies

Target Group:13-25

Improve a balanced positive healthy lifestyle, building a positive mental attitude.  Throughout the program inspirational speakers will share their experiences bringing reality to future scope to individual attitudes and behaviours supporting decision making process.


Improve confidence to speak in groups and public, increase attainment in academic achievements

Develop a sense of worth and increase transferable skills for adult life

Enhance personal and business life

Increase problem solving skills to deal with challenges in everyday life

Reducing re-offering behaviours

Increase knowledge of 13-19 years to maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle

SME-Business Coaching support to new entrepreneurs who are in need of basic guidance to sustaining and growing in business to enhance your business life

Sessions are for 45 minutes the 1st session is FREE

  • Leadership and Management
  • Goal attainment
  • Work Life balance
  • Business Mindset

Benefits: Increase creativity, entrepreneurial skills, personal and professional skills to manage self, work load and others to be successful within your business.

Entrepreneur Talks, Inspirational and Motivational speaking to youth groups, colleges and Universities with all level of academic students.

Services offered by Me 1 include:

  • Turn around Coaching.
  • Mind-set Coaching.
  • Motivational and Inspirational Coaching.
  • Individual and Group Coaching.

Throughout the workshop sessions there will be:

  • An inspirational/ motivational speaker sharing experiences bringing reality to future scope to individuals, during the 3rd week of from diverse backgrounds to talk and empower group members
  • Individuals will take part in a Positive Personal Booster Day on week 4thas an extra perk for each person and will be a necessary part of the personal development process to raise self –esteem, self –motivational, innovation and skills for life.
  • On week 6th from completion of programme/workshops all individuals will attend a Personal Achievement Presentation Session to celebrate achievements and receive Certifications.