Positive Personal Development


  • Positive Personal Development Ltd Confidentiality, Information Sharing And Privacy Policy (pdf)
  • Equality And Diversity Policy (pdf)
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (pdf)
  • Disability Policy (pdf)
  • Protecting Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy (pdf)
  • Risk Assessment of Service Delivery (pdf)
  • Health and Safety Risk Policy (pdf)
    • Health And Safety Policy (pdf)
  • Assessment And Monitoring Policy (pdf)
  • Volunteer-Employment Policy (pdf)
  • Terms and Conditions (pdf)
  • Policy for Liame1-t-and-c-doc2-2016bility of Indemnity (pdf)
  • Data Protection Policy (pdf)
  • Service Users’ Grievance Policy (pdf)
    • Grievance and Complaint Form (docx)
  • Terms & Conditions (docx)

Other Forms

  • Freelance Tax Payment Agreement Form (docx)
  • Referral Form for Group or 1-2-1 Life Coach Sessions (docx)
  • Personal Details Form for admin and office staff (docx)
  • Personal Details Form for volunteers (docx)