Positive Personal Development



“To motivate, empower and inspire each individual we engage with to help increase self-belief and acknowledge one’s own talent to believe and achieve their personal goal and full potential in life.”


To increase self-motivation, self-worth and to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds increase positive thinking mindsets and improve life skills and leadership abilities to males and females who have faced difficulty in their lives. Enabling them to believe and achieve their goals in life.

Alongside this ME1 also would like to connect with women and mumpreneurs business and help each person overcome challenges faced in business.


Provide coaching support and programs on a 1-2-1 basis and in group workshops, for 6 and 12 week sessions, also delivery of motivational talks.



About the company

ME1 PPD Ltd company was incorporated on 6/1/12 as a not-for-profit company registered in England company number 7900782. The reason for this is to develop strong sustainable positive communities whom working with and increase knowledge and skills of individuals that live within them.

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