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CBM – Committee Board Members

Lisa Samuel

Lisa Samuel BA (Hons) MASC-Dip Life, Wellness,Business and Strategy Coach/ Managing and Operations Director

I am passionate and serious about providing a valuable and quality service. Engaging and supporting with individuals who want to invest in their lives are the forefront of my intentions. I value the time of those willing to commit in taking action to positively change their future.

Alan – Business Development Directo

I have been a Director here at ME1 since 2012. Lisa and I trained together on a course empowering & encouraging individuals to start their own companies. After Lisa’s first year of trading a couple of her Directors stepped down and Lisa asked me if I would be interested in coming on board.

Since being here I have offered Lisa support in many ways, initially running supervisory sessions which help her to focus on: Where ME1 is? Where ME1 is going? How is ME1 going to get there? I have also assisted Lisa on a couple of here activities.
My company Fortitude Therapeutic Services LLP, a Counselling / Psychotherapy Service at which I am the Director of Operations, fits in well with Lisa’s Life Skills Coaching. We had planned to apply for some joint funding to do a collaborative project together, but Young Money was funded first, but there’s always the future.

Recently we started looking at planning her courses pricing structures, her Business Plan and Activity Logs. I will continue to offer Lisa any support she needs and if I can take anything extra on for her, I will.

Alan Campbell
Charity Staff Foundation’s
National Campaigner of the Year 2016

Amarachi – Strategic Director


MSc Social Research Methods and Statistics with background in public health. Currently working on innovative technological venture opportunities, and effective entrepreneurial marketing.

My Role at Me1

Strategic Marketing Director

How I support Me1

Given my role as the strategic director at Me1, I help with the marketing strategies and innovative ways of increasing the annual revenue of the company.

Amarachi Onwukwe

All Life Coaches are qualified and members of the AHCP

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Finance – Amarich & Matthew

Admin – Mistura

Marketing – Meghan & Margaret

Social Media – Howard