Positive Personal Development

Journey to ME1 PPD Director

Living in a single parent household with 5 siblings , myself 3rd in line and having my mother suddenly ill at the age of 11 my childhood days were very, much limited and more of a caring role.

Living in various cities, and towns across England occupying 8 houses in some deprived and urban areas, attending 5 primary schools and 1 secondary school , I am quite aware of the impact of change, unsuitability and adaptability in my life.

After becoming a teenage mother at the age of 18 I was aware of the challenges and difficulties of managing a home, studying, and working , although my childhood was a little rocky I was determined to pave a path of my own and use my life skills gained upon till this point to develop my life. My attitude to life was to be a ‘go getter’, not let the issues or circumstances be my barrier to achieving.

I went on to studying variety of courses, then being identified as having dyslexia /dyspraxsia at the age of 24 whilst studying as a mature student on my Access course to social work studies, which gave greater understanding to my learning needs and difficulties, which escaped my teachers at school due to my problem solving abilities. I ending up in my chosen career as a youth and community worker undertook 3 years of volunteering experience in various roles and establishments, then completed my degree at MMU in Didsbury, however my struggles along the way were not at all easy .The road to university was a massive challenge but with the help and support of my personal tutor and scriber I was able very proud too accomplish a 2.1 at the age of 27 after nearly not being able to finish due to child care issues , cuts to provisions , but with help from family and supportive friends my journey was a success.

My youth and community working degree and extensive experience led me to work in statutory , private and voluntary settings for 5 years supporting children , young people of disadvantage and vulnerable backgrounds :

  • Youth work role – supporting positive activities and employability skills for 13- 25 year old
  • Education projects with excluded or disengage youths
  • Parenting officer role with complex families
  • Youth Inclusion role with at risk youths

From the changing role of my work , government cuts , extensive government targets I decided that this was no longer a career option for myself so I decided to resign in my profession and began my entrepreneurial journey.

I went on to study a SEFDI business and management course alongside a variety of other courses to supplement my new career. During this time I embarked on a two life Coaching event with the Coaching academy where I was inspired and intrigued from this I entered a event in my Local area to share my entrepreneurial idea to offer life coaching and youth coaching supporting , ”Motivating and Empowering young people providing workshops to raise awareness on different subjects , increase positive thinking to reduce barriers to success and provide skills for life to increase personal achievement most of help individuals to ‘Believe and Achieve’. I was one of ten people to’ Win’ was awarded £1500 to pilot my idea and the rest is HISTORY! PLEASE SEE (LINK TO EVENTS /PROJECTS).

Me1 PPD has progressed, developed and grown as a team and in achievements from delivering and group workshops to 13- 25 year old’s including 1-1 coaching to adults of professional backgrounds , students embarking on higher educational journeys too inspiring others as a public speaker to undergraduates, postgraduates, to my entrepreneurial and ‘MUMpreunuer’ journey. Our future plans is to support Mumpreneur in business or entering business offering 1-1 coaching in SME.

  • Increasing individuals needs to mind-set of successful business women and managing a business and home life
  • Pitfalls to avoid in business
  • Increase motivation and confidence to develop self -belief and self worth abilities and identify skills gaps and areas of self improvement

The basis of the coaching support is to highlight needs to Invest in self, increase women’s attitude to be at the top in business help reduce barriers which are hindering or bringing difficulties to achieve their life goals.