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Females, Women & Achievement – February Blog

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Hi to all readers I am a life coach I run a coaching business called ME1 Positive Personal Development Ltd for the last 5 years. I offer 121 programs and group coaching workshops to raise awareness, motivate, empower individuals aged 13-25 to reduce negative attitudes, behaviours impacting on progress and success and increase positive mental attitudes and provide skills for to reach full potential.
I have an interest in motivating and building self-belief and this is why I write this article myself. As a life coach I have seen a lot of low self-esteem in young girls and in women. This relates to their sense of fear, as well as their confidence. My recent training and research shows it has huge impacts on ability development. As a women, mum, and women in business, I help raise female aspirations within the Manchester and Greater Manchester Area. My experience for over 13 years is supporting young people, male and females especially from disadvantaged or vulnerable backgrounds, and in turn increase life skills and lifelong learning. My inspiration was from the US, as many women and families are used to the idea of investing in a ‘team’ in order to help better manage life and progress in their lives. e.g. (coach, nutritionist, nanny, shrink aka counsellor, therapist of some sort). There is no shame to the number of people in your ‘team’ but more likely than not, the MORE the better to ones success, however the UK’s mind-set is still new to the idea as a British culture we are less open to issues or problems being shared and therefore ‘struggle’ to get ahead, or even pretend as if all is Good.

My recent work has involved empowering females to find their purpose and passion build aspirations and positive mind-sets through a variety of coaching workshops and programs. Mostly aimed at women or mumpreuners (25-55 ) embarking in business. Identifying talents and suitable career and self-development building in relation to entrepreneur pathways, alongside identifying key barriers to success in business or personal lives impacting on success. ME1 Positive Personal development Ltd coaching provides skills, strategies to overcome challenges and encourages individuals to develop a critical open mind to problem solving and solution focus.

With the current times in society a lot of women are seeking new ventures and self-searching to discover how best to utilise time and skills. My aim is to help others, especially women to grow, develop and achieve their dreams. To reduce self-doubt and fear which hinders each ones attainment.

ME1 PPD company has inspired and given many volunteers who offer support to ME1 and build personal experience. To date I am proud to of offered over 100 volunteers opportunities who are from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds (majority women). Being a young mum and now a women in business I have noticed and can relate to the impact women face in the employment world, alongside the difficulties faced with absence out of work child rearing delay in chosen careers, and also challenges influencing progress. This I why I ‘Champion Women Empowerment’

The question for me is as a life coach I deal a lot with clients who have experienced this low self-esteem in young girls and in and women. Relating this back to fear as well as confidence, and again, recent training and research shows it has huge impacts on ability and development. I am in awe when I hear the inspiration and heart felt stories of women who still in the year of 2017 face gender inequalities.

How does self-empowerment skills help you in life?
How can you developed your self- empowerment levels?
How are girls dis-empowered in today’s society? Why do we feel the need to judge others for doing what they love/ like?
What would help build your confidence? How can teachers? Friends….? Carer /parent help build your confidence?

These are the question I ask, and answer.

Richard Branson article ‘Why we need to support more women’

‘keep up the great work your doing ladies! Power to women 😀Stay fearless and confident keep #believingandachieving’ in you your abilities and your dreams!

For info on programs or tools to develop you check out LISA SAMUEL BA HONS

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