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Raise Skills & Confidence in Girls and Women – December Blog

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The day has come no more counting days, it’s time to recharge my batteries and get some rest!

You agree this year has been a tough one! There’s been struggles in business trials and challenges, triumphs, and success along the way. I have learnt a lot of new skills, knowledge and gained new experiences. Met some wonderful inspirational and driven people. I look forward to the New Year to come, and new ideas to put into action.

Me1 celebrates 5 years in business on the 6th of Jan 2017, date of event to be allocated for AGM. #CollaborateWithLikeMindedBusinessPeople and start #2017WithABang if this is you please contact me to see how we can positively engage #PositiveMentalAttitude #PMA #DreamBig #StartSmall.

Also dates not to be missed, 26.01.17 our free Business Basics for Women from 10 to 12.30. Email me for more info.

INVESTING IN YOURSELF – LONG TERM BENEFITS 28.02.17. A 6 week program with Faith not Fear for Women in Business. £120 for new clients or £99 for returning clients.

ME1 is proud and passionate about helping others to believe and achieve and use talents skills to fulfil their purpose in life. I promote the need to invest in self-development and focus on internal fixes, mind, and self-esteem skills for life. This will then shine on the outside. E.g. if you take vitamins for a glowing skin, vitamins will inhibit your system, and you will see a change and so will others, and ask what did you use? Conversely, if you used highlight or bronzer to give a similar effect, although it may look the same, the affect would only be on face value. The result after taking off your make up, you see reality of your skin and this could impact your self-esteem or identity.

Check out this link for a top ten cheat sheet to build confidence.

If you feel you want to invest and develop yourself and build confidence, see our website for confidence program offer. With Christmas just gone, emotions and state of morale may be a bit low, you may need uplifting in some way! Boost confidence to face challenges to come in 2017.

The WOW programme in collaboration with Dynamic Heights has now completed and I have coached 15 121 women, supporting and guiding them with clear strategies and tools to put ideas into reality #BusinesssCoaching #Support #GoalSettingActionPlanning

See our website for links for photos and connect with others social media platforms.




Here I met with two females, Serena Johnson and Sophie Simpson from Huddersfield, @consciousyouth inspired by positive, mental attitude approach, and wanted to ask me questions. I felt excited! We had a great chat regarding their great backtoourroots project, tackling identity issues and raising empowerment levels. I look forward to our next engagement in 2017 #RaisingFemaleAspirations #WomenInBusiness #ShareSkillsandKnowledge #BusinessKnowledge #BuildRelationships.


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