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Power to Women – November Blog

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Raising Female Aspirations! Power to the Women.

Me1, as a company is very passionate about helping others change their mind-sets from negatives to positive. We encourage each person to believe, achieve, and reach their full potential from males and females. However, over the last 2 years, I have seen a shift in my work and females are getting the spot light at the moment. This is great and has both good and bad implications. As a young mum at the age of 18, now 36, I very much understand the difficulties and challenges women with child caring roles bring, whilst developing and achieving in life. This dichotomy has been of interest lately to academics and professionals, the relation between the absence of work in the field, to the re-entering within the work field. This dictates the decision to change employment, or even change employment hours. Whatever the reason, a definite change or shift of focus in the mind alters in a practical sense once you become a mother. (As many working mothers may agree). My motivation to raise female aspirations, stem from my own personal experience. Recent studies undertook have too gave me an amazing insight on the need to teach ‘Girls’ confidence skills and raise their self-esteem. This increases their ability to achieve and be at par with male counter parts in the work force, as there is a clear gap at present from classroom to workplace.

I recently studied an online course, Girls Education with the Open University.
There was a great speech from a women named Helen Fraser, the CEO of the Girls’ Day School Trust from 2010 to 2016.

Comments from Helen Fraser in her speech stating a need to ‘developing girls’ confidence to bring about change’.

I really found this speech powerful as a life coach, and it amplified my passion about raising female aspirations. Similarly, I can relate to some of the comments the research and solutions discussed, as my experience and research has shown, that there is a huge gender skills gap. Links with girls and low confidence is true. The body image pressures and academic stresses, and not to mention peer pressure is a lot to contend with. So I do agree the need for more support, input of confidence, and life skills building, as being a vital importance to equip young females with from a very early stage in their life. Girls are too exposed to the ideals of what women should be. This portrayal is reinforced by the media, and in turn, society follows it.

We should be looking at places to inform and educate, as schools have a massive role and responsibility to contribute to the efforts, in helping to reduce the impacts faced by young females in their transition from dependence to independent adults.

Being a women, especially one who has a leadership mind and even an entrepreneur approach, can have you up against a lot of frowns from males, and stay at home mothers who may see the female as being too risky, maybe even ‘stepping out of place’. We have surely come a long way from women and gender specific roles and having a voice and a meaningful place in society. However, let’s not get too excited as their still is a huge gap with genders.

I empower women to follow their dreams and take the leap to a path that maybe unknown, but one full of passion and drive, whether that means in the home or out the home, for me it’s about living and having the chance to live your full purpose in life. This may mean even taking risks. Hence the reason I offer the workshops and coaching support for small, medium, or enterprise minded women to banish the self-doubt! ‘Power to the Women…’ My new year ‘4 week program ‘ Women Walk with Faith not Fear in Business’ is running Feb 28th march to 28th 2017 for more information contact me
Males are still ahead in employment pay terms working full time hours, women earn 18% less Source: ONS, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2015

Males are more likely to work full time hours for due reason, lower child care responsibilities. 42% of women are in part time work compared to 13% males. Research shows that 1 in 2 women have a degree compared to women in EU countries However, women in CEO roles are 4% compared to men of 7.1%. This means huge improvements are needed. Cited in Source:

Males are more likely to do over time, again, giving increased income. Males are still ahead in terms of position and pay in the employment market. This over time, with the increase of empowerment of women programs and increasing confidence and skill levels, has allowed women from the kitchen and the home, to the board room and global enterprise. In contrary to this critic’s comments, which says, for the gap of inequality to close it will take up to 60 years, however, on a positive note 53% of the millionaires will be women in the UK by 2020. 30/8/2016. A figure of 14.4 gender age gap in UK. OECD Data, “Gender Wage Gap Total, % of Male Median wage, 2013 – 2014Earnings and Wages (2015).Between 2008 and 2011 women accounted for an unprecedented 80% of the new self-employed. (Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013).

My recent adventures have involved working and supporting women in business or developing self and mental capacity. Empowering others and building confidence, identifying the gaps, barriers or issues stunting women’s success, and providing simple solutions to enable women to overcome challenges and be triumphant. For example, the use and promotion of social media for business.

For use of Digital Technology see link for Video, myself a guest speaker @WSSE network

As I too have experienced many difficulties. Whether it is from lack of marketing, knowing how to promote a business, lack of confidence in speaking on camera, to dealing with daily finance matters. Therefore, I can relate to anyone’s pain with the areas mentioned, however like many other successor before me, I quickly learnt to put aside my hang ups and dislikes, and ‘crack on’ the best I could. Then, while you’re getting ahead, you think ‘why did I take so long. Yes, you may squirm at your face or voice when in public, or see it viral but don’t let this be the barrier to you doing the task at hand, over time you get better.

People told me ‘people want to see the face behind the business /brand’, this is true. It helps potential clients get a feel for you, which builds trust from you and your brand. This is true!

Get selfie ready

I encourage you to learn your businesses ins’, and outs. Know the basics of the day to day aspects, up skill yourself despite the gender realities and inequities of the world. Get support, build skills for life and wellness in business. Support your day to day living, and equip yourself to running and managing business, especially if it’s just you, and not having a paid team. Stay focused and stay in your lane, you will be the success you want to see. Keep believing and achieving! Recent coaching with females with enterprise ideas on the 5 week WOW program

See ME1 website for group pictures

For any information to program or coaching support

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