Positive Personal Development

Support – September Log

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Lisa has held an annual holding event for the charity, Macmillan, in support of those either long term or in untreatable causes. In addition to this, attended and acted as a social peer researcher for the mental health perception event, held by 42nd Street and the Manchester City Council. This was a look at the stigmas of mental health within black males, as well as reasons, and how they are supporting themselves mentally, within Manchester.

ME1 has also attended the BMERT (Black and Minority Ethnic Groups Roundtable) and the Business Network Event by City South this month, to consort and recognise the community’s action and needs. By taking part in the conversation, the clarity in future necessities become clearer as ME1 continues to reinforce the positive outlook that we are representing.

We are also collaborating and meeting with Dynamic Heights, to provide coaching and a 1–1 4 week programme, to help self and career developments. This is an exciting new venture, as the collaboration and support is an important indication to provide the service we offer.

For more info on anything, check out the links provided, and for motivation and empowerment, check out our Tips and Coaching tools.


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