Positive Personal Development

Self Development – August Log

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ME1 has been continuing with strategic planning with committee members and the ME1 team. Such includes meeting targets and aims, in order to market ME1’s brand. ME1 as a business, is also improving as we have been creating and updating our business, action, and goal plans. This is to help us utilise and gain more as a service, for ourselves and our customers.

In addition to continuing our 1-1 coaching and talent matching, we are also venturing in other social media platforms, in order to present our services on a broader scale. Through the medium of video. Such will include tips, and ways to improve and help motivate yourself. Which will be happening in the upcoming months.

Our free Women in Business event at the Virgin Lounge was also a success. With different women, whether they were in a business or just starting. They were informed on a multitude of information, regarding marketing and business. By understanding the importance of self-development and growth, their step towards success becomes a beneficiary to succeeding.

Here are some links to the women if you want to follow.

Continue to achieve and believe.


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