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Business Planning and Outreach – July Log

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Me1 has been expanding as a business, such activities includes strategic and business planning, and empowering others on personal development. This expansion is supported through vocalising Me1’s business on radio broadcasting, specifically Diamond FM. Me1 has also been developing as a team by taking on new volunteers, and as a business, developed new material to promote their services. Examples of this is our August workshop, Women in Business. By doing such, Me1’s position in supporting women and business has been a top priority. Through research and understanding of the topic, Me1 is confidently hosting the workshop, explaining the needs and goals to grow a successful business.

Lisa has also attended a training course, regarding mental health and in helping those who are disadvantaged, and encouraging those to take control of their own lives. Me1’s priority in supporting and helping others has been a constant theme. Examples like promoting and understanding in what we believe in, as we know that there is a need to manage, maintain and develop yourself, in order for growth.

Other thing we took interest in this month is an event regarding women, black women specifically, which highlighted the needs for this specificity. PAC 45 Foundation.

For more information on them, check out their website, or their twitter handle @pac_45

Here are our Me1 workshop and life coaching flyer.



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