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Activity Log 2015

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Jan: Lisa engaged in interviews for potential Undergraduate students of Youth and community work course at MMU Birley fields Campus.


Feb: AGM 3rd Annual Event held at Innospace, The Shed on 20th of February . Lisa invited to attend as part of the Bmet group @ The Heros and Sheros event @ Hilton Manchester to celebrate local community achievers with POPS organsiation


April: Received 10k funding from Awards for All for 10 month group program deliver 20 groups with Money Management and Financial Capability skills . Lisa completed Domestic Voilence Training with MSCB, undertook strategic planning trainning with Macc voluntary org, attended Thrive Bono event in Old Trafford. Delivered a workshop on Parallel Roads Enterprise group, also welcoming a new admin volunteer to ME1 team, & in the evening our peer support session @42ndSt as volunteer social researchers is going well I will be supporting a  engaged in delivery of a focus group at Power house in moss-side in to this as part of the ‘WE TELL YOU’ WELL BEING project .



Delivery of training  in- house training to  3 workshop facilitator volunteers @MMU Innospace , and attend training of domestic abuse training with MSCB, started our strategic planning & team meeting.



Delivery of our Young Money program has started over 4 weeks now , 1 group finished young males who attending our sessions @ Hideaway youth centre @Amarni Centre. Another group started 8 more groups to Go @Whitemoss Youth club great involvement look forward to our session 2 next wk ‘How to manage money’. Trained all staff and volunteers on emergency first aid. Received a variety of career development training, and Health and safety training externally by The Training brokers to volunteers and in-house volunteers .ME1 blog for this month is Well- being, giving you advice, tips and understanding to how to look after your well-being, and how you can increase or decrease your well –being. Volunteer Team Marketing strategy developed and redesigned, got two new marketing and social media volunteers to re- target our client market match each services to our marketing tools ( fliers, posters leaflets) and redesigned business cards Training for Lisa managing Director- Health and safety level 3 and First aid Training 1  refresher day course, and the volunteer team of 5.



Delivery of a self –confidence group workshops 4 weeks with hideaway girls group@ Moss- side Powerhouse. Lisa undertook role as a Business Advisor @Wellacre High School in support of ‘Young Enterprise’ until March 2016.  Visited London on residential  to see Youth and Adult support groups as part of the WE Tell you Research project with 42nd street. Invited to sponsor the ABS  Home Business Workshop event @St Wilfred’s Church supporting Start –up businesses.


July: Delivered a variety of Young Money group workshops too youth provisions across North and Manchester. Member of the Volunteer co-ordinator group @ Macc. Development of Group consortia Bmert establish formal written agreement.


Aug: Delivered a variety of Young Money group workshops too youth provisions across North Manchester. Lisa and a Volunteer completed Qualifications of Money Mentor, Teach Others, gaining  Financial Capability skills with the National skills Agency and Lloyds Bank. Lisa received Business Support from


Sept: Delivery of 4 group workshops of Young Money Program to south Manchester youth provisions financial capability skills funded by Big Lottery funding and Awards for All. Increasing skills of Money Management & financial capability skills. Meeting@ MMU Birley fields Most Significant Changes Model (MSC) as a framework to measure outcomes in youth work provisons and practitioners,  Director Lisa attended Talent Match event @ The Peoples History Museum, attended BME network Equalities  meeting. Lisa Director attended Damsel in Success women’s group network in Didsbury.


Oct : Attending of Peer Support sessions as part of WE Tell you Research Project social researchers Team. Attended The Spirit of Manchester Awards @ Nawab Restaurant with 42nd street and the ‘WE Tell you Research Project social researchers Team, were we won the ‘Volunteer Award’.

Me1 PPD hosted its 3rd year Charity event @ Innospace the shed in support to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer over a £140 was successful collected.


Nov: Attended a NHS Health Workshop regarding mental health needs @ the Central Art      Gallery in Town as part of the’ WE Tell you research Project’ with 42nd Street Well –being support service. Attended the event to deliver the  ‘Interim report’ as part of WE Tell you research  to showcase some feedback from the research so far for the last 2 years @ Manchester Central Library. Me1 was a sponsor at the ABS Christmas Market Business Enterprise Day , supporting Local business @ Moss- side Leisure Centre .Me1 and web developer volunteer produce online platform for coaching courses for use in April 2016. Refresh Training for Safeguarding Level 1 with MSCB.


Dec :  Delivery of variety of ‘Young Money’ group workshops program providing Money Management and financial capability skills  funded by Big Lottery funding and Awards for All. Attended a end of year meal @ Topps with the research group of 42nd street.  Me1 applied for funding from ‘One Manchester’ to deliver further financial capability and budgeting skills to groups of youths in Fallowfield, Hulme and East Manchester.  Attended public speaking training with Macc voluntary, organisation support. Me1 PPD left the shared Office  space Innospace The Shed Dec 13th 2015, due to needed a more feasible working space.


ME1PPD Ltd 8900782 Tel  : 0161914 7997   M: 07960721270  Email : 2015 activity log

ME1 took on over 10 volunteers in 2015 roles of: Administration, Clerical, Marketing, web development, Bookkeeping  and Accounting. Me1 has had support from CCF Me1 volunteer too undertake mentor courses, other collaborations is with MMU & VYM for participation for Youth Work outcomes Model also casual interviewing role at MMU and joint working, with multiple organsiations to form Bmert group.


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