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The no: 1 things human are good at. Do you agree but always complain if you are not going to do anything about the thing or things you are complaining about…

If you have identified something (s), you are unhappy with and want to change in your life then you are the best and only person who can begin to make that change.

So now you have complained you

  1. Identified a need
  2. Knowledge of what you know you need or want to change (Do you have the skills, support, resource, time) it. What the understanding of or needed to attain goal.
  3. Action – the only thing which helps make a real change to something you are not happy with (what steps or process you are going to take to achieve outcomes /goal identified- start now – stop complaining make a difference in your life.


Reduce bullying, empower your children

The modern world, and life in general is not a full of lovely, supportive people! But a mixture of good and bad energies, Idea, that people create to upset, damage, or hurt others.

School, workplace, social circles, home, all these places can be environments that can make or break a persons.

  • Emotional well-beings
  • Psychological and mental state.
  • Human growth – development.
  • Personal ability to achieve.

The duty of parents, teachers, social workers, youth workers, employees to create places of

  • Safety
  • Progression
  • Support


Bullying of any kind

-mental, physical, environment has huge consequence on individual development in cases of extreme, takes life.

Protecting and equipping our children with the skills to deal with bullying tactics

Self-empowering knowledge to know oneself, abilities, love oneself, understand, other’s in-development or balanced positive mind-set – it’s not of any fault or problem of you but more to do with the person “Bully”.

Empowerment tools

  • Raise own self-worth by believing in you ( no matter what others say or think)
  • Giving praises to your children regular, give rewards for efforts, achievements be consistent.
  • Be a positive role model to your children –give advice be honest, share experience good and bad.
  • Give positive affirmations. Re-phrase positive statements about, your /written/verbal gee tool –when someone says negative things.
  • Don’t fester bad feelings, anger or frustration the impact on you and your well-being is far more greater.
  • No mistake is a failure, a failure not to get up/re-think your actions, is a mistake. Take responsibility take actions, reflective and nothing else.
  • Look up a great reflective tool Kolb learning cycle.

“Getting over Barriers, obstacles in life

If you are someone who too often states, “That’s not possible because of ABC…” or I’m not going to be able to get the grade I want or get the job recently applied for or going to my soulmate, etc… dream boyfriend. Are going to be able to have a good relationships with my mum, dad, cousin, sibling, etc. The biggest Energies in life is you.


Your level of positive attitude determines your level of success! So, if you keep a ‘negative mind-set to life and its things your given path you will your only creating, walls as blockers.


#creating limits

Instead of bridges that can keep you cross over the side. That may mean you have to let go what you control cannot let it go.

Things men will in women

Article – Link

Knowing how to keep a man and his heart is important for learning progressive relationship, that ever increasing the things a man (your husband) likes in a woman is even better to succeed and maintain a great loving, respective, supportive marriage.

As we know – marriage as any relationship is a two-way process.

  • It’s absent – understanding the needs of (yourself and then)
  • Being selfless and understanding
  • Having the ability to know that seeing an marriage “First it’s you who gives yourself to the man, (name–etc).
  • Thus does not mean you are not any less or of equal to mean based on effort once achievement. Rather it’s knowing and allowing the “Man” is a “Man” A women is a woman of letting the man be a man- do male things as women- want to take over and say he’s not a man?


Attitude- This sets your attitude how far you will reach and your life depends on your attitude as …Strive Masiyiwa on facebook his comments from his mother. As my mum would say ‘your behaviour is your saviour in life what the impact of your behave on your life!

How does your behaviour influence your life or others? Does your behaviour have a positive or negative effecter on others?

Leave revenge, bitterness, upset, or negative thoughts cut in the cold because if you welcome them in the warmth of your heart, it will take hold of you whole life!


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  1. Great piece! People need to know this!

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