Positive Personal Development

Mind chatter

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Do you listen to, or are you aware of the “mind chatter” that is constant in our heads every day?

If you don’t here are 5 reasons why you should start now!

  1. Our minds are a very powerful and useful tool – if you use it and listen to the energy, wisdom or words you will benefit from it in an important way #healing.
  2. If you’re aware and use your mind as a personal motivator, which gives you direction, it’s like a satnav – be confident that it can take you places and let you do things you thought you were unable to, or help you to overcome your fears. #self-empowerment
  3. The mind, once used and controlled in the correct way, can take you into another world, opening your mind to new ideas, imagination and mediation. #mind mapping
  4. Open your mind to believing in you and your dreams. Make time for peace and quiet. Create a harmonious mind. #relaxation #visualisation
  5. Make sure you’re in control of your mind and what you think. Listen to what your mind’s chatter or hear your thoughts! If it’s not positive words then don’t listen to it – a negative mind-set will set you back. #Be in control of your mind # leadership #Don’t let the mind control you

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