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Your well-being involves 4 areas:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Economic
  • Environment

Having a good well-being means you’re happy with all the above areas in your life. If you have any difficulty, challenges, lacking something in some form from the each area above this can have a effect on your well-being. (death, loss of job, loss of house, loss of pet, loss of partner)

Psychological – How well you train your brain to think positive and have a positive mental attitude is in your life you can use the 3 c’s choice, change, control , the principle is simple don’t let others control your life you be the change you want to see.

Thinking and feeling good is very important to sustain a good well-being! Just by smiling you lift your well-being. #healthy mind #healthy body.

# Physical – This is about your ability to be actively healthy, able to do the things you like, love and desire, this does not mean if you have a disability that it automatically has a negative affect on your well-being – No! It means you may have to find other means to get physical or get around physical either way, swimming sporty type, gym, getting about outdoors is great fresh air and walks does wanders for your body, team activities or solo activities, jogging, running or if you are the therapeutic type then yoga, meditation is good for you! Try something, better than nothing does at all!

# Social having good people like minded people around you is a positive and healthy for your well- being, the flip side means if you have negative people , and energies around you, your well-being is more than likely to decrease. This could be negative comments, negative behaviours, negative relationships, negative lifestyle in general. Make it a habit to have a positive social life family, friends, colleagues, loved ones engage in regular contact via face-face , if possible as too much technology reduces our full engagement

# Economic- Depending on how much focus you put on your financial statement will depend on how your well- being is affected. If you see that cash or money is the Bee’s and E’s to life , then without it your well-being is going to be pretty low, however if you see your health and motivation, willingness and ambition which determines your wealth then your well – being is going to be high. This is not to say that humans can function solely without money but too much emphasis is put on economic status where many have lots of £$£ and still have very low and unbalanced well-being, levels in their life. That’s because 1 or more areas in their life is lacking. Money doesn’t’ always make you HAPPY!

# Environment – The importance of our environment in relation to our well- being has a big connection if we are in a deprived, run down , disadvantaged, lack green spaces, no place to thrive, an environment of low opportunities, jobs and oppressed or controlled or limited, wet, cold, isolated environment this has negative affect. If we live in a environment where it is full of green, its flourishing with activity, people are achieving and are doing the things they enjoy and love, with limited restrictions on your movement or in life options. If the environment is clean, climate warm, access to people family friends, places and lots of opportunity for young and old people then this is going to have a positive impact on your well-being is high. You will develop and achieve more.

These are just a few ways of identifying clearly how to keep a good well- being below is some information to sites to get more knowledge and tips.

Peace of mind.. Knowing that your well- being is dependant by how well you deal or cope with hard and difficult changes in your life, its good be aware to let go of any un- wanted baggage, any negative images or mind mutters, bad childhood experiences we may have, which can lead to a un -healthy mental well- being. There is evidence suggesting this being high at moment especially in black young males, also research in female’s levels of anxiety and mental health disorders.

Test your well-being


Articles- April edition .. page 6 – ‘Why is ok to say, to your not ok’

Book: “God Help The child” … about self- acceptance


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