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Blog – Feb 2014

*Life *Goals

Hi all, I do hope you are hope you are well and in good health – this month’s Blog 13 is on the topic of LIFE.

Life what does this mean to you?

  • You have life?
  • You’re breathing?
  • You’re living?
  • You’re existing?
  • You’re achieving?

For myself & the message ME1 PPD gives us to live your life the best you can. Do all the things you want to do, see, go all the places you want to go, have all the things you want and need. Become the person you want to be!

Try not to complain, don’t have just congratulate, stay positive *Life* make the most* achieve * self belief* self-perseverance * motivate*success* make the most of your life.

If you got goals & want to plan then see our tools on

Support & Engagement Strategy Policy

The aim is to ensure that then person (s) in receipt is supports are given a clear, realistic achievable and meaningful engagement.

This will enable a more positive beneficial & successful outcome for all parties involved.

  1. The individual
  2. The service provider
  3. The life coach facilitator
  4. The service buyer.

Therefore Me1 offers a 3 choice basis for engagement.

  1. 7 hours per week
  2. 14 hours per week
  3. 21 hours per week

The initial intension of our support in delivery of group workshop only offers chance to “Raise Awareness different topics. However, for a in depth process & direct/targeted outcomes we recommend.

  • Smaller groups (6-8) coaching.
  • 1-1 session in depth coaching. That will combat & provide solutions to identified needs of individual.
  • The sessions are in depth – emotional mentally cause distress, upset or and identify further needs which are very important to.
  • Follow – up – 1-1 ( 3 months after)
  • Reviews – group ( 6 weeks)

ME1 is proactive, efficient in effectively addressing new or ongoing issues which impact on individual attainment or achievement (including that of others).


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