Positive Personal Development


ME1 Positive Personal Development Ltd is a life coaching service aiming to motivate, empower and provide life skills.

Working with young people and adults in the Greater Manchester area, offering many different types of Life Coaching Programs, bespoke to your needs:

Personal Development

Career Development


Speaker Engagement

Coaching engagement involves a therapeutic hour of assessment and personal development for each session over a course of 6 – 12 week period, and up to 12 months.

Methods of Engagement,

  • Face – Face
  • Skype
  • Email

Read more about all the services ME1 provides, or check out the recent work we’re doing.

12 Week bonus coaching offer


Why donate:

Helping young people to increase confidence, help motivate individuals to make positive decisions in their lives. Help to build a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle.

What £300 donation contributes to:

It will support providing six week coaching sessions to equip a young person with the set of life skills and knowledge needed to become a balanced adult.


Donating to this organisation is important to help assisting life coaching delivery to disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals who need the service but cannot afford it. All donations will positively change the future of young people lives.

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